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Symbol Placemat Set

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The Symbol Placemat Set:

Symbols allow people to go beyond what is known or seen by creating links between concepts and experiences - Alternative way of communication.

Drawing on the influence of symbols having a meaning, telling their own story I wanted to create pieces that are drawn from my story. Much of my work is inspired by nature, so this time I have been looking back over my travels and noticing my influences, patterns, sounds and styles that have stayed with me over the years. I’ve been careful not to appropriate any existing symbols, but creating my own, each representing a memory for me. I hope people can take meaning from each mark and put their own meaning or memory to it.


Sold individually.  More than one can be bought by adjusting the quantity, or a set can be bought (at a discount) by selecting 'Get the mixed design set'.

- The hardboard in the middle is FSC certified, sustainable sourced Eucalyptus board.
- The are 100% made in the UK
- They can be used as serving mats for hot dishes as they take heats up to 180 degrees
- They are great children’s tablemats, providing that extra bit of protection for your table from the mucky pups!
- Their use is not limited to table mats, they can be used as display/cheese board serving mats - they can even be used as mouse pads!


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