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Sea Dawn Cozy Mug

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These are some of the cosiest mugs you'll come across. Ready for snuggling up with a warming cuppa on a chilly night.


Made by hand, the clay is blended and weighed out in balls ready to throw.  Once dried they are trimmed and handles added.  With the drying, heating up in the kiln and cooling down, each mug takes days to make.  White glaze covers the interior and half of the exterior of the cup. It has then been dipped bottom first into a light blue glaze, overlapping the white glaze slightly. The final dip is a grey glaze to tie all the colours together.


-Please check sizes before placing an order.


-Each piece has been handmade so there may be some minor ‘imperfections’ and differences between pieces making each piece wonderfully unique.


-Microwave and dishwasher proof, but we recommend washing by hand.



Approximately Height 9.5cm X Rim 7.5cm, 380ml