These sweet little silver studs are handmade from recycled silver.  Each arc shape is finished with 3 silver dots, and every dot is also handmade by me!  Silver stud earrings are a daily staple for many of us, and these are perfect for every day wear.  If you're looking for some unique yet minimal handmade silver studs these could be just what you're looking for.


Each earring measures 6mm wide and 8mm in height.  Please be aware that as each element is hand cut and formed, these measurements are approximate and could vary by a mm.


Your handmade earring will come in a stylish grey and gold stamped jewellery box.


These threader earrings are handmade by me from recycled silver so if shopping ethically is important to you, you know your purchase will be both environmentally friendly supporting a small, creative British business. 

Mini Arc studs