Alice Rolfe is a Bristol based artist and surface pattern designer.  


With a focus on interesting colour combinations and a clean line, her drawings are vibrant, modern and fresh.


All designs are hand drawn and then developed and made into products in her studio in Easton, Bristol. 


The environment is important to Alice.  All her t-shirts are organic, responsibly sourced, and printed with non-toxic, organic inks. The cards are FSC certified, and the prints are made from recycled card. 


The full range includes Prints, cards, bone china mugs, coasters, placemats and t-shirts – so there is something for everyone!

Check out Alice Rofles website to find out more:  

Meet the maker:  Alice Rolfe


Born in Somerset, Alice grew up in the company of artists, and moved to Bristol aged 8.


Spending 10 years studying Fine Art, Sculpture and Print in London, Alice taught and exhibited in and around London and Europe.


Making is Alice’s passion, so moving on from the conceptual world; she came back home to Bristol and with the help of her old school friend Chloe Wills, started her own design company.


When not designing and printing Alice enjoys traveling back to Somerset to camp and go on walks in the spring and summer, and a book in front of the fire in the winter.


Opening a shop on the Gloucester Road brings her full circle, back to the road she grew up on.