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Porcelain Hanging Planter

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This slip-cast porcelain hanging planter with a natural tan leather strap has an almost matt outer surface with a smooth, glossy white glazed interior. The design is crisp and clean with a modern aspect to them.

The casts are constructed using paper to create the models. The moisture in the plaster causes the paper to buckle and stretch, creating the unpredictable shapes in the final mould. These marks are deliberately left visible as evidence of the construction. In some pieces you can see the seam lines and torn pieces of tape.


-Please check sizes before placing an order.


-Each piece has been handmade so there may be some minor ‘imperfections’ and differences between pieces making each piece wonderfully unique.


-We recommend washing these by hand.



Approximately 7cm across, 4.5 cm tall, strap 28.5cm